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Cera Novecento Headquarter

Founded by Gualtiero Meazza and Angela Cecchetto in 1985, Cera Novecento represents the love for home and traditions.

Displayed on the orchard of the company, the new headquarters of Cera Novecento is transformed by embracing a clean and linear style, with a vintage flavor that evokes the love for tradition, the taste for beautiful things and the quality of Made in Italy, inherent in corporate values.

Light is the real protagonist: all the rooms are flooded with natural light coming from the large windows, facing directly the Church of Matrice, the compositional element of the company logo. The exterior of the garden becomes an integral part of the new structure, in a continuous dialogue between closed and open space that takes place through the windows and the terrace overlooking the orchard.

Light paths, the interiors are warm and welcoming.

For the walls, the colors in the Novecento Paint collection were chosen, from olive green to turquoise, which give the environment a sophisticated sense of elegant essentiality, enriched by vintage objects such as wooden cinema seats in the entrance.

In Francesca’s office, the custom elements designed by Ovre Design and made by the skilled hands of local craftsmen dominate. The large wooden desk, with a horizontal development, is characterized by a thin slot that incorporates and hides the electric cables, allowing aesthetics and functionality at the same time. On the back wall, the suspended iron bookcase is an alternation of emptiness and matter, of glass and iron in a balanced and linear geometric composition.

The pair of Zanuso’s Lady armchairs in blue velvet gives a sophisticated and elegant character that gives the space a touch of convivial informality. The resin floor is enriched by the brass skirting board, because nothing is left to chance. Francesca’s desire was in fact to move away from the formal and objective style of the offices of the 80s and embrace a more welcoming and residential direction.

In the administrative office, large white desks modulate the work spaces. The clear furniture offers a bright and well-kept environment.

Vintage furniture that belonged to the original building has been restored and is now part of the furnishings of Gualtiero’s office. For him, more saturated and dark shades were chosen, which match the wooden parquet and the frames of the works of art on display.

In the meeting room, a large table welcomes corporate presentations, dominated by the central lamp, the true protagonist of the space, which represents Francesca’s creativity and gives fluidity to the environment. The blackboard effect paint was used between the external windows, giving the corner of the meeting room a functional character too.

As is the case for waxes, where the ingredients are carefully selected from precious and natural raw materials such as virgin beeswax and vegetable essences, a careful selection of elements is also necessary for furnishing and interior design first quality, respect for practicality and aesthetic value, attention to detail and dedication to the needs of the individual who will have to live there.

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