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Hotel Fori Imperiali Cavalieri - in progress

Product Design - Creative Direction - Rendering for:
FMG Shapes - Italian Luxury Marbles

Innovate and propose new ideas, always following the tradition and the origin of the family. For over 10 years Simone and Daniele Farinon have taken this path at the head of FMG Shapes, following the footsteps of their father Ivano Farinon and even before, of their grandfather Giovanni, an entrepreneur and marble worker since 1978.

Three generations united by the same values of tradition, innovation and culture brought towards to a constant search for beauty.
IMERA is the sister soul of the company, created to express the identity of marble through Italian products and craftsmanship. The name is intended to be a reference to
Magna Graecia and the use of marble for everyday objects, to a new beginning, a new day.

day, in greek, imera

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