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Inkiostro Bianco - Architecture.

The wallpaper collection Architecture is a new creative chapter that began with a pleasant
meeting: the cooperation with, the interior design studio of Giulia Delpiano and
Corrado Conti, who have designed the new Inkiostro Bianco decorations, bringing their vision
and know-how to a refined collection with a surrealist imprint.
The new production consists of a total of 16 wallpapers divided into 4 series that trace an almost
evolutionary path intended as a proposal to change the relationship of the self with its own spaces.
An invitation to look beyond one’s own space and let oneself be overwhelmed and enchanted by
what lies outside, in a dimension of aspiration and projection towards the future.
The collection develops the theme of architecture in a variety of elements and suggestions that
form the structure of the new balance within the space we inhabit. These are the lines that guide
us towards the exploration of a space on the borders of the oneiric.
The outside is inside and the inside is outside, the above blends with the below in a perspective
that defies any logic.
It is the imagination of what lies beyond that stimulates the mind to seek out horizons not yet
experienced and encourages us to break down those physical barriers and mental superstructures
that hold us back from living our spaces imaginatively.
The subjects framed by the architectures are surreal elements that lead the mind to fascinating
places and distant dimensions.
The natural subjects fit between the architectural elements of a past reinterpreted in a modern key
and constitute the dimension beyond, capturing the curiosity and the eye. Art, the most intimate
and passionate expression of the human soul, as well as boundless natural landscapes, find
space between porticos and columns, thus becoming an integral part of the interior design.
It is the result of the balance between the chaos of the exterior and the order of architectural
artifice. It is the search for the dimension beyond.
Interiors are reinterpreted. An oxymoron of space is created by using three-dimensional elements
to recreate two-dimensional ones.
Volumes and perspectives, porches and facades are reshaped to fit the surface of the wallpaper.
Architecture represents the perfect synthesis of how Inkiostro Bianco conceives its decorative
proposals. The collection is the result of an intense collaboration between creative minds that
combine their passions and skills, enriching each other and generating beauty, originality and
new ideas for renewal.

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