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Mathis Hotel

When asked by Nicola Del Vecchio, Team Work Hospitality Consultant, to develop the new concept of the rooms of the Mathis Hotel in Fiorenzuola d’Arda, the theme was clear: to characterize the environments with the soul that has always distinguished them, that is, the love for engines, their homeland and the good food.

The hotel owner is in fact a collector of vintage motorcycles and a lover of cycling, this is the main reason why we wanted his rooms to be imbued with his own passion: the two wheels.

We thought of this hotel as a space committed to the idea of ​​travelling and reflecting into its rooms the fulfillment of living in the moment.

Movement, dynamism and usability, on one other hand, and comfort, hospitality on the other.

The design had to reflect a warm and hospitable soul, an expression of Italian conviviality but without forgetting the innovation of an international hospitality environments.

The goal was to reinvent the past, recalling a vintage soul in a modern and clean context. Custom-made materials and furniture were chosen for an easy to live and genuine space, that would marry the history of the hotel with references to the art of cooking and craftsmanship, able to integrate the present at the same time.

We were thinking about details able to evoke a workshop spaces but able to welcome hosts as in a modern tavern.

This is why we found in PATINA Cognac 60 x 60 the most coherent solution to our needs.

For the bathrooms, on the other hand, we wanted a familiar but unmistakable design, with the flavor of the past but with innovative and fresh graphics: that’s why we laid OTTOCENTO as a wall covering, giving in the shower corner a dedicated vintage moment.

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