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OVRE. studio

A small treasure chest with a tiny garden, this is how we refer to the sophisticated environment from where we daily design refined interiors.

Here is our Office/studio.

The flat is located at the ground floor of a building from the17th century, right in the middle of the City Center, in Reggio Emilia (Italy). It was refurnished respecting its history and introducing a modern and contemporary touch.

The entrance floor is made of terracotta and belongs to the original building. We sandblasted and modernized it during the restoration. Walls are painted in warm colors, in so creating a welcoming environment; a pair of green velvet vintage armchairs together with a carpet help to create an elegant, cozy interior, far from the corporate images of aseptic studies. In the center is featured an elegant meeting table, a unique art piece designed by Corrado Conti. It appears as a blade, the spatula-shaped brass plate contains a box-like element in canaletto walnut and is suitable for meetings with clients.

Moving to the second room of the studio, large white desks on an oak floor laid on a thorn that, like cotto, dates back to four centuries ago. Here is where creativity explodes, where projects come to life, where brainstorming sessions get into practice: basically, where art is created. In fact, Ovre Design is committed to conceive each and every one of its projects as a piece of art, made by people to people. A young studio with a vintage soul, OVRE Design is also a challenge that we, as designers, wanted to undertake: making design a real art, where the individual as well as the user is the main protagonist, and where passion, balance and integrity are the daily bases to achieve excellence. Principles that you can also find in the interior of our office as well.

The main wall is treated with a delicate wallpaper by Glamora, where drawings of arches and geometries seem to interact with the rest of the room in a continuous dialogue among architectures. A made-to-measure fitted wall show slate shelves taken in the niche next to the window, and cleverly hides the bathroom, that magically disappears behind the wardrobe.

OVRE Design belongs to us, it’s here where we feel at home while we are working. It all comes from a desire: to be able to create something beautiful and still functional; to be able to go beyond execution and design creating a deep emotional and aesthetic environment. Everything was creating relying on Italian artisans, in line with our philosophy of always choosing quality over quantity, something that we deepened and learned while working in USA, where Italian craftsmanship is really appreciated. We love to surround ourselves by many creative minds, those who daily share with us such an intense journey, helping us to never lose curiosity towards the world, spaces and people.
Our studio is the perfect place to be ourselves, and we believe that should be the most important part of every interior, represent people who live and work in it.

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